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The famed German Die Cast company Schuco are making a foray in the 1/32 scene.

It will be no surprise to find German manufacturers are the subject of choice, with the excellent MB Trac setting new standards for detail, to be followed by an eaually detailled MB Unimog U1600 - one for both farm and Forest.

As well as these classic farm machines, modern machinery will be catered for, the first of these being the Claas Axos.

We recommend early ordering to reserve yours!

Precision 1/32 Models

7645 John Deere 4955 £55.40

7646 John deere 4755 £55.40


Schuco 7670 International 1455XL £54.00

Schuco CL01724570 CLAAS Cargos 9500 £85.00

Claas Model of the year 2011 Promo Box



Schuco 07650 1/32 Fendt 9460R Combine c/w header trailer £88.00

Schuco Fendt 211 Vario £29.99

X99100392000 Dealer Box


Schuco 450760000 1/32 MBTrac 1800 £52.20

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Schuco 450763000 Claas Axos Standard £36.50






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