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Here on the 'Misc' page you will find some of the rarer, low production models made for the collector as opposed to the masss market. Weise Toys are presenting the first of what will be a long line of Fendts, starting with the Fendt 515C - this comes with working front and rear linkages, with a weight block that fits both - the presence of loader brackets bodes well!!

Upcoming German model maker Agrar Toys have a range of Kaverneland implements coming - the PB100 plough will be a welcome addition to fill a gap in the market.


The French are also coming out with models - the Agrisem Disc-o-Mulch, a 6m stubble cultivator, is an outstandingl of a model. Look out for the Agrixo line in the future.

All of these models ar in Exact 1/32 - and 90% hitch compatability in the main scale for all Euro farm Models!!



PFT 002 Pro Farm Toys Gilles C12-R-ML 12 Row Beet Drill £42.45




KV Keverneland Accord Optima £39.99

PFT Semoir Gillies C12 £43.35

06800 Triot Diet Feeder £59.00

1/32 Hardi Alpha Promo £45.00
EVRARD Alpha SP Sprayer SIMA Special £57.50

AGCO 7650 Spra Coupe 1/32 Scale £25.00

Ltd Edition 2500 world wide


Cassel / Andreas 1/32 Stoll V202

In Stock £55.70

Pre production pictures of the new 1/32 scale Stoll V 202

SPV202 In Stock £55.70

Licensed models from:
Berkmortel & Berkmortel

At we are pleased to announce that we are the UK Distributors for Berkmortel & Berkmortel, Dutch builders of low volume high quality models for the discerning collector.

All models are fully licensed from the OEM, with CAD drawings being produced of the prototype models. These are then used to assist the production of the laser cut steel sections which are then Tig welded together. This then results in models which are very strong and durable whilst enabling outstanding detail that would otherwise be unavailable in a low production unit.

Models are used by Vervaet as Promotional units, as well as various commissions from other manufacturers.

Please note that these are handbuilt collectors items, unsuitable for children, and as such carry no CE mark.

Hydrotrike with Tank & Injector1 : 32In Stock £250.00
Hydrotrike with Tebbe type spreader1 : 32In Stock £250.00
 Tracktrike with Tipper1 : 32In Stock £250.00
Vervaet 617 Beet Harvester1 : 32 OOS
 Vervaet 625 Beeteater 1 : 32In Stock POA
 Vervaet 635 Beeteater 1 : 32In Stock POA
PMC 679 Pea Harvester1 : 32OOS
Holmer Terra Dos1 : 32OOS
Beet loading line1 : 32 OOS
Double click on description for Pictures - disable pop ups if necessary!

3004341 - Lindner Geotrac Tractor




Scale Models
 Please check before ordering Out Of Production {O.O.P} models . If you require a model, please ask as we can locate it for you .
RefScale Models, current production
JLE476DS New Holland TJ-425 on Duals
Ref Model , O.O.P
JLE 886 Case IH 9380 Duals
VER 1150 Versatile 1150 / Triples
VER 1156 Versatile 1156
CP 14 Steiger Panther CP-1400

Die Cast Promotions (DCP)


40051 - 1/32 Big Roy Versatile Museum £80.00 - 40050 - 1/32 Big Roy Versatile Factory £80.00

40051Big Roy Versatile Museum £80.00 1/32
40050Big Roy Versatile Factory £80.00 1/32
BUTP01 Ultimate Tractor Power - book
BUTP02 Ultimate Tractor Power Part 2 - book
NB4 Toy Tractors from Britains
BMT Pocket Guide to Britains Tractors - hard back book with colour pictures


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