Replicagri are producers of mainly French tillage and farm models, who have recently entered the 1/32 scale farm model market with their precision quality tractors and harvesters. Look here for pictures of the latest models, click for hi res picture. You may need to disable your pop up blocker to view.
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REP 028 Razol Toro 820 (8.2m) Cambridge Rollers £38.30

115 Fiat 115.90 DT £35.25
REP102 Case IH 155 - 3 F reversable Plough £23.35. REP103 Case IH 155 4F Reversable Plough £25.00
REP015 1/32 Agrisem Cultiplow 52 tep out
REP 030 International IH 624 £27.35 127 Kuhn TBE222 Side Mower £23.35
109 Nobili TBE 222 Side Mower £23.35
087 IH Axial 1460 Flow Combine £70.00 REP068 Brimont BB8 Trailer & Accessories £31.25
REPP010 Pack of 10 boxes £10.00
REP011 Maipu Flat Trailer & 30 Bales Tep out. AR00401 Maupu Blue 23 Tone Trailer £39.95

REP010 Maipu Pallet Trailer £39.00

REP05 Disc O Sem 3 M Box Drill DS1100 £24.85

REP026 Agrisem Combiplow Toolbar is arched to clear PTO36 £20.00


REP027 Agrisem Agrimulch 3-4-6metres

Included alternate folding wings for different widths!

REP056 Huard QR65 4f Plough £23.35
REP096 Kuhn TF 1500 tep out
REP054 Kuhn RM610 Field Shredder £31.25
REP106 Claas Markant Baler £40.00
REP033 Claas Corto 3150 Front Mower £21.50
REP034 Claas Disco 3500 Rear Mower £28.60
REP066 Nobili RM610 Field Shredder £31.50








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